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Forum Correction

Correction to the April 30th issue of The Forum.

The FV-Graduate Reception date is Thursday, May 10th from 2-3 p.m. located in the Multipurpose Room. (Student Center)

The original news brief on page 2 listed the wrong date and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank You.

Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light - Pay!

of the FORUM

     Forget what you learned in kindergarten.  Red lights don’t mean stop.  They mean pay up.  Red light cameras are sprouting all over the city and, unfortunately for you, the ticket will cost you $100 a pop.  With these devices spreading faster than the Bubonic Plague through 14th century Europe, what do you need to know about these tickets?  Can you prevent the dreaded red light ticket?  What options do you have after getting the ticket?  Hopefully this article will shed some “light” on the subject. 
     According to a report from STL Today in February, Circuit Court Judge Mark Neil ruled that the cameras were unconstitutional.  That’s because the tickets don’t offer a way for someone to fight it unless they say they weren’t the driver or that their car was stolen.  And even if you claim someone else was driving your car, you have to give up their name so they would be prosecuted instead of you.  Although this may be a bit of good news, the city is appealing the ruling and will continue to use the red light cameras until a final decision on the appeal is met.  That same report also states that St. Louis gave out 267,777 of those tickets through June of last year and no one was arrested or charged more than the usual $100.  So assume everyone paid those tickets and multiply that by the $100 fine and the revenue the city and the company who installs the cameras would come out to a whopping $26,777,700!  That’s a lot of money for them to make and split for something that doesn’t count as a moving violation for you and doesn’t cost you points to your license. 
     Aren’t there more sensible solutions that are just as safe without robbing our wallets?  How about extending the time a yellow light lasts?  The Missouri Driver’s Guide rule for a yellow lights states the following: “Stop for a steady yellow light unless you are within the intersection or are so close that you cannot safely stop before entering the intersection.”  But I’ve seen countless times when a car in front of me slams on the breaks when they see the yellow light instead of safely passing through because of fear of getting the ticket.  In my opinion, that pattern is creating bad, and unsafe driving conditions.
In these trying economic times, more than likely, you’re on a budget.  And nothing breaks that budget more than having to fork over $100 of your money for an “unexpected expense.” So what should you do if you get one of these tickets?  That is entirely up to you and how they handle the tickets in each county.  A report from KSDK says if you don’t pay Creve Coeur will try to prosecute you, in Arnold they don’t even issue warrant, and St. Louis City will turn you over to a credit agency to collect your debt which will affect your credit score.  To pay or not pay is totally up to you, just be sure to read the fine print on the ticket since each area handles the ticket a little differently. 
     There is something that you can do, other than being more aware while driving, that can keep you from getting a red light ticket.  Just like the commercial says: “there’s an app for that.”  If you have a smart phone, there are quite a few apps that will alert you of an approaching red light camera when you’re on the road.  The most popular is Trapster.  The app lets users enter in where they see a red light camera.  The app keeps a database of those cameras and when you’re close to one a voice alert will warn the driver.  This is a free app so if you’re worried about getting one of those tickets, the app is a must have.  There are similar apps that do the same thing.  You can also check out Phantomalert, CamerAlert, CamSam, and iSpeedCam - which only works for iphone.  So drive safely out there, keep one of these apps, and hopefully you won’t be a victim of the red light camera ticket.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chess Open Play at STLCC-FV


When: May

Time: 12:30‐1:00 

                    and 1:00‐3:00 

                  For more information contact:
James Gillespie

St. Louis Community College
Florissant Valley Campus
3400 Pershall Road
Ferguson, MO 63135

The Forum Rock Block

Photo by HOLLY SHANKS of the Forum
 The April 30th edition of the Forum's "Rock Block"

A Rock and Roll Conversation With B.A.


 If all you have to do is care in order to make a difference in someone’s life then Barry Yoakum cares a lot. He tries to make that difference by giving his radio listeners an entertaining, rock and roll fueled distraction from whatever it is they might need it from, even if it’s only for a few hours every week.
   Since 2008, Yoakum, a.k.a. B.A., has hosted, “The Rock Show,” a high RPM, boring not allowed, old school, Friday night rock and roll show, and it is the longest running rock based program currently on air at STLCC-FV student radio station, KCFV 89.5, The Wave. The hard rock and metal music genre appeals to Yoakum he says because the “music makes you feel like your kicking ass, having fun and doing what you want to do and it calms me down and pumps me up all at the same time.”
     There was no lighting bolt moment when he knew he wanted to be a DJ on the radio. Instead it was a process that started with his Mom and Dad. Yoakum credits his parents with pushing him to figure out what he wanted to do after he graduated from high school. His dad told him to make sure he was doing something he liked and was challenging, find something that he can be happy doing that’s work, but not something that he hated going to everyday.
     While building his knowledge of radio at STLCC-FV Yoakum credits Professor Scott Dorough, who laid the intro-foundation of radio and the KCFV Station Manager Tim Gorry, who built the application side of the radio house, and then Broadcasting Program Director Steve Bai, who was there to make sure nobody knocked the house down.
     “Steve can pump you up like nobody else in the world, and it’s hard not to start believing in yourself when Steve Bai believes in you.” He said, “Tim Gorry helped me find what the remaining pieces were that I needed and pushed me in the right direction and I consider Tim my mentor and I will never be able to repay him for all the stuff he has taught me. Any future success I may have will be because of what Tim has taught me and made me learn.”  
      It all clicked for Yoakum when he did an internship at a local radio station and he thought, “Ya, okay, this might really be possible, I was looking at my dream job through the window and that is when my focus clicked and I knew I needed to get back to Flo and finish learning because I know I can get back there one day.”
     Three of Yoakum’s most memorable moments at Flo-Valley are winning the 2009 Grogg Award, a yearly award that recognizes an outstanding student who demonstrates excellence in the areas of broadcasting skills and leadership. The second was the radio moment when he first heard his radio promo for his show, which he had personally made, on his car radio. Tossing up a rock and roll horned hand in the air to help describe what it felt like, “Ya, that was me, I did that.” He said it was the coolest thing and a huge rock nerd moment for him. Third, was being part of creating an incredibly fun April fool’s broadcast named “Rock Show Live” with two other KCFV radio personalities, Mose and Big Mike. Yoakum conveyed that the two are not just his friends, but his radio family.
     Piloting his rolling chair with the same RPM’s as his music, Yoakum speeds around the broadcasting booth pushing buttons, sliding keys on the board, rapidly tapping the play list touch screen with deadly accuracy, updates his show’s tweets and answers the request line, once-in-a-while all at the same time. His energy comes from his music and simply having a good time doing what he does. He says he is grateful for the time his listener’s give to him and he wants them to have as much fun as he is.
     “I don’t know where I’m going to end up, but if you focus too much on the goal you may forget to focus on the steps it takes to get there.” Yoakum says, “If I’m doing something I love, or something close to it and I’m happy, and as long as I have my music, I’ll be fine.”

To hear “The Rock Show” hosted by B.A. every Friday night at 7 p.m. tune into 89.5 FM or find it streaming live at      or to contact B.A. e-mail him at 

Rock News

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 2012 Induction ceremony went ahead as planned even if Axel Rose refused to show up. The rest of Guns n' Roses were inducted and preformed with Myles Kennedy, lead singer for Alter Bridge filling Axel's frontman position. See the 27th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on HBO, May 5, 2012 at 9 p.m. EST.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Slash,Myles Kennedy, Duff McKagan and Steve Adler Preform at the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony April 14th.


Majesty on the Wing, by Robert Batman

Inspired by Nature 

A collection of stunning original paintings by internationally acclaimed wildlife artist and conservationist, Robert Bateman. The exhibit features more than 20 major wildlife paintings in Bateman’s portfolio.  

When: OPENING MAY 11, 2012
Hours: DAILY 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Admission: FREE

Master of the Herd by Robert Bateman

Bateman has exhibited his work in England, Monaco, Japan, South Africa, Russia, and throughout Canada and the U.S., including a major show at the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. The National Audubon Society named Bateman one of the 20th Century’s 100 Champions of Conservation in 1998. For more information visit

Inspired by Nature will also be the focus of various Education Department programs and activities that give visitors and members an opportunity to explore their own artistic skills. The Zoo will be partnering with Bateman’s Get to Know Program, designed to employ art contests, events and other techniques to connect young people with the animals and plants of their local natural areas throughout Canada and the U.S. To register for programs, visit or call (314) 646-4544.

 For more information, visit

Saturday, April 28, 2012

40 Years and Counting

STLCC-FV campus radio station 89.5 The Wave Celebrates their 40th anniversary of broadcasting to the North County area.

of KCFV and
Forum Guest Writer


     On April 17, 1972, KCFV-FM signed on the air at 89.5 on the FM dial with 10 watts of power. KCFV-Ferguson was initiated by three students who approached the president of the college about the possibility of having a federally licensed station. Currently operating at 100 watts of power, KCFV’s personnel are Mass Communications students who volunteer their time or earn college credit. KCFV can also be found on the internet at    
    Over the years the station has seen their share of celebrities. Such as Donnie Fandango of 105.7 The Point, DJ Kut of Foxy 95.5 and formerly of New York’s Power 105.1, KPLR’s Dan Gray, and many others started on the campus of Florissant Valley at KCFV.
     This years April 17th anniversary Tuesday will be remembered for a long time because people came together from many different places to share their memories and stories of the station. DJ Kut made his return to KCFV and sat in with DJ Kyle Kostecki and talked about his time at the station. Alumni such as E.B. Stephenson and Paul Jackson also stopped by to share their stories, while other alumni such as Rob Levy and Sam Kaiser called in to talk about their time on 89.5 The Wave.
     Kaiser was a particularly special call-in interview because he was one of the very first DJ’s to take to the air waves and he shared stories of how KCFV came to be. Levy was also a fun interview because when he was originally at the station he worked with Stephenson and it just so happened that Stephenson was at the station when Levy called in and the two alumni DJ’s got the opportunity to reconnect “on-air” with DJ Paul Langdon, a.k.a “Mose” at the shows helm.
     A special thank you goes to KCFV Station Manager Tim Gorry. None of the 40th celebration could have happened without relentless attention and planning on his part. Another special recognition and remembrance is extended to the late Diana Kirby because the majority of the alumni and staff, lucky enough to have known her, remember her as the Station Manager that inspired KCFV students for twenty years before passing away in June of 2007.


The Raven

Relativity Media

Movie Review
By Holly Shanks of the Forum

The Raven brings Edgar Allen Poe’s
dark gothic catacomb of imagination to life
on the big screen and puts a new twist
on the last few days of his life.

Larry Horricks © 2011 Amontillado Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.

     The character of Poe is played by John Cusack and is loosely based on real life elements of the penniless poet who helped father the gruesome genre of horror in the 1800s. Poe died at the age of 40 under mysterious circumstances and his death has been debated since the poet took his last breath on October 7, 1849.

The Plot

Larry Horricks © 2011 Amontillado Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.
      A black raven, one of Poe’s calling cards, clings to a tree branch overlooking a man on a park bench and is suddenly interrupted by a woman’s chilling scream, sending the film to a whirling murderous start. The viewers are treated with a drunken and broke literary critic (Poe) who bounces from eccentric to troubled and soulfully tortured. 
     Poe’s love interest is the beautiful Emily Hamilton (Alice Eve) who is guarded from Poe by a protective father (Brendan Gleeson). The lovers secretly find happiness in each others arms and are about to live happily ever after until Emily gets kidnapped by the dark poetic figure that has seemingly sprang to life out of Poe’s inkpot and quill.   
    Poe finds himself trapped inside his own nightmarish macabre stories and bodies are turning up that met their deaths according to his imaginatively written plots. Searching for clues with Detective Fields (Luke Evans), Poe finds he must figure out the killers next moves and identity before time runs out for Emily and she becomes another one of his stories tragic endings. Unfortunately, Poe discovers the murderer just in time to trade his life for hers.  

Larry Horricks © 2011 Amontillado Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.

     The visual feel of the film is dramatically authentic looking right down to Poe’s corked liquor bottles and rich period inspired costumes and hairstyles. The sometimes gory and bloody crime scenes are reproduced straight from some of Poe’s classics such as “The Pit and the Pendulum” with the recognizable large heavy pendulum that swings back and forth, just as in Poe’s writing, agonizingly escalating the suspense of terror until it comes to a sudden stop with a sickening thud as it hits the wooden table beneath the back of its intended victim.
     Poe fans will not be disappointed by the rhythmic lyrical lines that encompass Poe’s trademark style spilling easily from Cusack’s lips. However, there is a mixture of not only poetic lines, but lighter more humanistic ones that convey a touch of humor sprinkled throughout that keeps the tenseness of the dark and dreadful near-death and corpse viewing sequences from engulfing the film. That mixture could be a plus or minus for the movie-goer depending on their Poe-like expectations.   

Larry Horricks © 2011 Amontillado Productions, LLC. All rights reserved.

Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 STEM Scholarship Graduates

Photos provided by Biotechnology Project Staff

STEM Scholarship Program students celebrate their upcoming graduation.
Pictured from left: Dr. Pat Suess, George Harper III, Davion Ferguson (background), 
Angelique Taylor, Vahid Naghipour, Whitney Moore, Ben Telthorst and Katie Etris.  

A reception was held in the Emerson Lobby 
on April 24 for the six STEM Scholarship awardees.  
Dr. Pat Suess, the PI on the grant, introduced 
the STEM awardees and gave them 
TI-84 calculators as gifts from the Program.  

Vice President Agrawal spoke to the audience 
about the history behind the National Science Foundation 
grant that supports the Scholarship and 
 how it came about that Flo Valley was 
selected to be a part of the NSF STEM Initiative.  

The STEM Scholarship Program students 
that are leaving us for four year institutions are:

Katie Etris
George Harper III
Ciara Jones
Nicole Chambers
Angelique Taylor
Chidiebere Onukogu

A cake featuring the College’s 50th Anniversary logo 
and the NSF logo was part of the refreshment table.


For questions about the biotechnology project contact:
Teri Hacker
Biotechnology Project Associate
St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Area’s best student musicians invited to appointment-only auditions in May

  • Students interested in auditioning must complete an application, participate in his or her school’s music program and be fully committed to weekly rehearsals and other practice or development sessions as assigned.
  • During the audition, students should have a 3-5 minute solo prepared, and be ready to play two scales, one major and one melodic minor, with at least three sharps or three flats in the key signature.  
  • All auditions will be judged on intonation, rhythm and general musicality.  The top students in the preliminary audition will move to final auditions, which are held each year around Labor Day.

Founded in 1970, the YO is comprised of the area’s best and brightest student musicians, ranging in age from 12 to 22.  The group rehearses each week at and performs three concerts each season at Powell Hall.  Seven alumna of the YO are members of the St. Louis Symphony.   The program serves as a career springboard for student musicians no matter where their talents take them.  

For more information about the YO audition process, and to download a preliminary audition guide, 

or the St. Louis Youth Symphony Orchestra on Facebook


Register now for the Zoo's 27th Annual 5K Race/Walk. 

Proceeds help support the conservation efforts of 
the Saint Louis Zoo at home and around the world.

When: Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 7:30 a.m.

Registration: Pre-registration through May 4 is $18 for individuals $50 for a family of four. No family registration after May 4.
-Late registration is $22 for individuals after May 4. 

-Kids' run registration for children ages 12 and under is $10 per child through race day.

Registration is available online at
or by phone at (314) 646-4771 through May 14.

Registration is also available in The Living World on Wednesday, May 16 from 4 to 7 p.m., Saturday, May 19 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and prior to the race on May 20 from 6 to 9:30 a.m.


 Ages 7-12 can participate in a half-mile fun run at 8:50 a.m.

Ages 6-and-under can participate in the quarter-mile fun run at 9 a.m.

Ages 12-and-under can participate in a timed and competitive one-mile race at 9:10 a.m.

Free parking is provided on the Zoo's north lot 
near the Art Museum before 8 a.m. on race day.

·      All registrants will be entered in an 
attendance prize drawing, receive a complimentary T-shirt 
and continental breakfast (while supplies last).

·      St. Louis Children's Hospital will provide 
health and fitness activities for the whole family 
from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon in Schnuck Family Plaza 
and the surrounding areas.

Saint Louis Zoo 314/781-0900

Make Tracks for the Zoo is sponsored by Saint Louis Zoo Association, St. Louis Children's Hospital, Prairie Farms, Mungenast Automotive Family and Breadsmith, with media support from 93.7 The Bull and 100.3 GenX Radio St. Louis.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


                                         Photo By Bradley J. Rayford / Forum

Kim Hudson gives FV students some insight inside 
the professional newsroom.

 Photo By Bradley J. Rayford / Forum

By Devese Ursery of the Forum

Esteemed Journalist and reporter for FOX 2 News 1st St. Louis, Kim Hudson, graced the Flo-Valley campus with her presence on April 4, 2012 to drop some knowledge and give pointers to future reporters and Communication Arts students. Straight-forward and with a down-to-earth personality, Hudson was eager to share her 12-plus years of experience in broadcast and journalism with some of the students. Hudson spoke on the importance of being prepared at all times because news is always happening. She talked about also learning as much as you possibly can because technology is forcing the responsibility of a finished product on fewer people, meaning one person may have to shoot, edit, and produce their own news stories. The speed of technology is contributing to the convergence of Mass Media. All facets of media are quickly becoming intertwined producing an intense work flow for the multimedia journalist, now known as a backpack journalist in the news industry. "Be willing to take criticism, remain humble and prepare for a heavy workload," says Hudson. "Don't be afraid to use your own background to bring something unique to a story."

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Day of Silence

What is the Day of Silence?
The Day of Silence, a project of the national Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), is an annual student-led day of action during which concerned students, from middle school to college, take some form of a vow of silence to bring attention to the name-calling, bullying and harassment -- in effect, the silencing -- experienced by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) students and their allies. (From

When will the Day of Silence be observed on the Florissant Valley Campus?
This year’s Day of Silence will be observed on Friday, April 20, 2012.  On our campus, DOS will be observed on Thursday, April 19, because of the relatively small number of classes which meet on Fridays.

Who is sponsoring the Day of Silence at Florissant Valley?The Friendly Colors Club.

How will the Day of Silence be observed on the Florissant Valley Campus?
Students and other individuals who wish to participate will be wearing a button which reads “Day of Silence.”  They may also have a slip of paper which explains their reasons for being silent.  The paper reads, in part: “Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. I am participating in the Day of Silence…. a national youth movement bringing attention to the silence faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies.”

Those who wish to show their support without remaining silent will be wearing the same button, but with the word “Ally” printed on it.

These buttons, along with information about the Day, will be handed out at a table set up in the Student Center on Thursday, April 19, from 10 am – 2 pm. On Thursday, club members at the table will hand out buttons and information but will not be able to speak.

Students’ schoolwork comes first. If a student needs to speak in your class in order to complete an assignment or a participation requirement, please discuss this matter with your student.

If you have any questions about DOS, please contact Jeff Papier ( or Glenna Wentworth (, Friendly Colors co-sponsors. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Missouri Poet Laureate at Flo Valley

                                                Photos By Bradley J. Rayford of the Forum

David Clewell conducted a poetry reading at 
STLCC - Florissant Valley on April 11, 2012. 

Clewell captures the room's attention with his charmingly witty lines that vividly breaths life into relatable characters.

English Professor and Poetry Club Advisor, 
Regina Popper

Library Staff, Jeff Papier, Cathy Reilly and Sharon Fox

Marianne Muellerleile Actors Workshop

                                                                                                             Photos By Bregt Bogaerts / Forum

Marianne Muellerleile, a 30-year professional acting veteran 
shared insights and industry information with STLCC-FV 
April 10, 2012 at the Terry M. Fischer Theatre.

For more information or questions contact Dan Betzler at 314-513-4121

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Social Networking Seminar

Photo by Bradley J. Rayford / Forum

 Allison Collinger gives tips and lessons on social networking.

Networking is an extremely important tool in today's world and
social media is playing a key role in the way people communicate including job hunting. 
Websites like Linkendin, Facebook, Twitter can all be invaluable tools. 
Important tips to remember are things like there is no such thing as
privacy on-line and keeping it simple along with making sure
your electronic Rolodex is updated.
For more information or any questions please contact
Victoria Harris at 314-513-4218 or visit

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Common The Believer Visits St. Louis

Photo by

By Joyce Gates
Guest Writer / Forum

Common came to St. Louis as part of the UMSL Student Life Speaker Series.

     Even though the Common event began late on April 3rd, the Touhill audience didn’t mind.  When he did arrive, Common sported dark blue jeans, a grey sweater over a checkered-collar shirt, and his signature clean-shaven head.  
To help enrich the night’s discussion, Common recited moments from within his life. He discussed his acting career, life after a relationship with Erykah Badu, an embarrassing Grammy moment, and even what help inspire him to believe. 
“For rappers, you need to believe in yourself.  There were many that helped to nurture that.  I can say that one of them was Kanye West…And ya’ll know Kanye has no problem believing in himself.”
He kept the audience laughing and listening the entire night; especially during a freestyle rap about St. Louis.
Besides instructing about possessing belief, Common also discussed the power of passion.
 “If you’re passionate about what you do, and you’re passionate about your work, then it’s not really work…I found my passion at 12 years old, and I want to say to you that sometimes your passion stays with you.  It really grows.”

Monday, April 9, 2012

STLCC Study Abroad Program

With ST. Louis Community College in 2012-2013
Academic Focus
Canterbury, England
Sep 10 – Dec 10, 2012
Semester Abroad - General
Canterbury, England
Jan 7 – Apr 14, 2013
Semester Abroad - General
Mar 7 – May 16, 2013
Italian language and culture
Mar 9 – Mar 17, 2013
London, England
May 17 – May 26, 2013
Literature and culture
London, England
May 27 – Jun 6, 2013
May 26 – Jun 9, 2013
Business Administration
May 20 – Jun 3, 2013
Costa Rica
May 28 – Jun 3, 2013
Istanbul, Turkey
Jun 3 – Jun 12, 2013
Costa Rica
Jun 12 – Jul 3, 2013
Spanish Language
Stuttgart, Germany
Jul 22 – Jul 31, 2013
Berlin, Germany
Aug 1 – Aug 12, 2013
*Program dates may slightly vary

General notes:
·       Cost of the short-term programs (7-20 days) usually ranges from $2,000-$4,000 per person.
·       Semester abroad programs cost around $7,900 plus air ticket and insurance.
·       Tuition is in addition to the programs cost.
·       Early deposits are required. Non-refundable restrictions and cancelation penalties apply.
·       Programs require minimum of 12 participants.
·       Financial aid may be available.  Check with the Financial Aid office on your campus.

  • STLCC is sponsoring the opportunity to study abroad on a scholarship in Germany for one year through the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals program.
  • Application deadline is December 1, 2012!
  • For more information follow this link:

Other study programs and scholarship opportunities (Boren, Gilman, etc.) are available.

CONTACT Chris Sulincevski at 314-539-5350 or for details.