Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Drake electrifies the Fox Theatre St. Louis for his Lights, Dreams and Nightmares Tour

By: Stephen Johnson
            Whether you’re a fan of Drake or not, there is no denying the fact that he is a phenomenal performer and his exhilarating performance at the world renown, Fox Theatre St. Louis, was his justification. Not only did he deliver an electrifying concert, but Drake also gave the St. Louis fans a truly unforgettable experience. What made the concert so mesmerizing was the genuine passion Drake displayed for the crowd. His intimate interactions and witty interludes are what made the concert come to life. For instance, when Drake talked to the crowd about his phone call with Lil’ Wayne and how he wanted to know if St. Louis still had love for him was incredibly entertaining along with his impersonation of Lil’ Wayne over the phone. But the most amusing aspect of this particular interaction was that Drake recorded the screaming crowd as a memento to show Lil’ Wayne that he is still appreciated in St. Louis.  The energy Drake brought to the stage was almost illusory and it was apparent with every song performed. Even the opening act, Tyga (who is also a part of the hip-hop label Young Money), did a noteworthy job at getting the crowd hyped with his spitfire rapping style and stream-of-consciousness wordplay. Something else that was noteworthy about Drake’s performance was his attention to detail. For example, when he performed the song “Fireworks” he displayed a night sky being illuminated with fireworks on a massive circular LCD screen. Now that may not seem noteworthy but it exhibits Drake’s ardor and dedication for his art. In a proper fashion, Drake ended the concert with his #1 single “Over” which made the crowd go into a joyous frenzy. If there was one flaw with the concert, it would have to be the sound quality. At times Drake’s live band would be playing a tad bit louder than him which made it hard to clearly hear his voice. It could’ve been the speakers/amplifiers that were used or the volume control but it still wasn’t detrimental to his overall presentation. With his stellar performance, Drake elevated his status in the music industry from being a talented newcomer to a musical virtuoso. While many of today’s musical artists are still somewhat relevant, few of them were able to surpass the expectations of the music industry and the general public in 2010 like the Canadian superstar. Not only did Drake have a platinum selling record that debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, but he was also nominated for two Grammy awards including: Best Rap Song and Best Rap Solo Performance earlier in the year. In the same year, Drake won two Juno Awards for: Best New Artist and Rap Recording of the Year. After generating a net worth of approximately $10 million USD and building a devoted fan base, the future of his career is looking optimal but like Drake stated before, “This what I’m a do till it’s over, because it’s far from over.”

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