Monday, February 6, 2012

STLCC to Impose Fines for Violations of Tobacco-Free Ban

The STLCC Board of Trustees recently approved revisions to its Board Policy banning the use of tobacco products on all college property and in all college vehicles.

Beginning Feb. 15, students who violate this tobacco-free policy now may receive disciplinary action, including a fine of $15 and holds placed on registration and transcripts. Students’ transcripts will not be released, and registration for subsequent semesters will not be permitted until all violations and related fees have been cleared.

Faculty and staff who violate the policy also will be fined and face disciplinary action up to termination of employment.
To reinforce its commitment to providing an environment that is safe and healthy for students, employees and the public, STLCC became tobacco-free in January 2011. There are no designated smoking areas within the property boundary. Property boundary” is defined as inside the geographical perimeter of any STLCC jurisdiction, including all vehicles parked within the perimeter of any land owned by the college.
Tobacco products affected by this policy include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes and smokeless tobacco. Tobacco-free statement signage is posted at all entrances to college facilities and other prominent places.

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