Thursday, April 5, 2012

Erica Huggins Kicked Off Women's History Month at STLCC Florissant Valley

                                    Photo by Joseph Johnson / The Forum

“Love is a Great Expression of Power”
 Erika Huggins gives the keynote address
at STLCC Florissant Valley, March 1st,
to kick-off Women’s History Month.
Huggins has lectured across the country for
the past 30 years. “As an activist, former political prisoner 
and leader in the Black Panther Party, educator, and student,
I’ve devoted my life to the equality
of all beyond the boundries of age,
culture, class, gender,
sexual orientation or ability.”  
During a question and answer session, Huggins gave 
advice for improving urban communities.
“We can stop crime and improve the community 
    by being a mirror for someone else.”

"Groundbreaking Women"
March 28, 2012 

A panel discussion with women who have been 
groundbreakers in their field was held at the 
Terry M. Fischer Theatre.  

Photo by Rachel Gomez / STLCC-FV Community Relations
 Dr. Marcia Pfeiffer, President, STLCC-Florissant Valley gives opening remarks.

Photo by Rachel Gomez / STLCC-FV Community Relations
Assistant Professor of Communications STLCC- FV, 
Renee Thomas-Woods served as moderator of the event.

                        Photo by Rachel Gomez / STLCC-FV Community Relations
         Pictured Left to right: Dail Chambers, Judith Cochran, Ph.D., Lydia Padilla, Ret. Lt. Col. Antoinette Filla

Dail Chambers- Community Artist, Founder of Yeyo Arts Collective

Judith Cochran, Ph.D- E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professor of Tutorial Education at UMSL

Lydia Padilla- Entrepreneur, Owner/Operator of TRC Staffing Service, Inc.

Ret. Lt. Col. Antoinette Filla- St Louis Metropolitan Police Department

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