Monday, August 27, 2012

Special Ceremony For Future Interpreters

Photo by Marie McCool/Communications Department
Above: Front Row (left to right) Christina Matteuzzi, Brooke Alexander, Candies Wilson, Julie Bates, Courtney Jarvis Bolin, Deborah McCullough, Victoria Foster  Second Row: (left to right) Aislyn Wright Scholey, Rachel Banks Novosel, Tara Anders, Liz Affias, Sean Balke, Stephanie Puricelli, Jenna Funke, Josh Kirkpatrick, Rose Broyles, Jennifer Fogarty, Holly Newman Crossno Third Row: (left to right) Amanda Nolan, Emma Martin, Nikki Ritter, Brooke Lewis, Tabatha Madding, Anthony Pupillo, Olivia Swofford, Micki Augustus

By Marcus McDaniel of the Forum

Iris, the Greek messenger goddess, was known for being lightning-quick when delivering messages. While Iris may be considered mythology,  there is nothing fictitious about STLCC’s modern day Iris, the graduates of Flo Valley’s Deaf Communications Studies (DCS). These future sign language interpreters were rewarded for their hard work over the past two years with a special pinning ceremony July 28 in the Terry M. Fischer  Theater. The program and pinning process are unique to the FV campus since it is the only two-year institution that trains interpreters in Missouri. In fact, FV is the only other college in the state to train sign language interpreters other than four-year college, William Woods University.
Program Coordinator Tom Flynn led the extraordinary event. Each graduating student was presented with a silk iris, the symbol of the interpreting profession, along with a beautiful blue, white, and gold pin with the program’s logo.

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