Monday, October 29, 2012

Horror Games, Horribly Cheap

By Marcus McDaniel of the Forum

Horror movies and Halloween are synonymous. Every year in October, people load up on horror flicks for the scary, candy-filled holiday. While movies are a popular way to get thrills or chills, there's another medium that can be just as good and that's horror video games. Here is a list of “scary” games without the scary $60 price tag.

Dead Space 1 & 2 ($20 a piece, Xbox 360, PS3): In this sci-fi survival horror game series, players navigate through a mining ship in space that the main character has been sent to repair. The crew has been killed and infected by an alien virus and monsters, dubbed necromorphs, are trying to kill you at every turn. The sequel follows a slightly different story but still involves you slaughtering the horrifying necromorphs. This series is chock full of blood, gore, and creepy alien monsters so if you're a little squeamish you may want to try other avenues. If this description sounds like something up your alley, pick it up for a mere 20 bucks. Just be sure to keep the lights on.

Dead Rising ($10 and under, Xbox 360), Dead Rising 2 ($20, Xbox 360, PS3): Zombies have invaded every inch and area of pop culture today and video games are no exception. While most zombie games are a serious take on survival, the Dead Rising series adds a unique brand of comedy and a fresh breath of life into the genre. Players can craft outlandish weapons to vanquish the undead and will have a fun time doing it. This isn't your typical zombie game and for $20 or less, why wouldn't you pick up these outrageously fun games?

Left 4 Dead 2 ($30, Xbox 360): Sticking with the zombie theme, gamers and horror fans should check out Left 4 Dead 2. This game is an adrenaline rush of terror and comedy. It can be played with up to four players and gamers will try to survive the zombie apocalypse together by brandishing guns but spicing it up with melee weapons like guitars and katana swords, something new added to the sequel. Gamers should get a good chuckle with some of the dialogue between characters (especially anything involving Ellis) all while feeling the sheer terror of the zombie apocalypse.

Devil May Cry HD Collection ($30, Xbox 360, PS3): This high definition collection of the classic Devil May Cry series is $30 well spent. In this trilogy of games you play as demon hunter Dante, who is half-human half-demon himself. Using two guns named Ebony & Ivory and a ridiculously large sword, Dante blasts and slashes through waves of demons with unreal combos and witty humor. While the second game in the trilogy is considered one of the worst games in gaming history, players should have tons of fun with the first and third installments, the third regarded as the best in the series for its great story, over-the-top action, awesome weapons, and gut-busting humor.

These are just a few games to wet your Halloween-themed whistle. Be sure to pick up one, or all, of these titles for a great time and a good scare without breaking the bank.

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