Thursday, October 25, 2012

On the Rise

 By Terence Monroe of the Forum

St. Louis has three major sports teams to call their own, the Cardinals, the Rams and the St. Louis Blues. All of the teams have been around for a while and they all have had some success at one point or another. But recently the success level for the Rams and Blues has been subpar and fans in the area have had to weather the frustrating storm of losing seasons and missed opportunities. It’s possible that fans have something to get excited about and something to look forward to. The Cardinals aren’t the only St. Louis team playing competitive ball. All of the teams are becoming relevant again.   

The St. Louis Cardinals have been the only steady team of the three, winning on a consistent basis. The team is coming off a season where they orchestrated another late season surge to gain a playoff berth. The Cards are a team that shows resilience and a never quit attitude that represents the city. Last year, not only did the team fight their way from 10.5 games back but they also were able to accomplish the goal that every team sets out to achieve, and that’s winning the World Series, a feat they are gunning for again this year. This is a team that has not only been the top in its state, but one of the top teams in Major League Baseball.

One of teams in St. Louis that need to take notes from the Cardinals on how to win is the Rams. The Rams have won 15 games in the last five years and have not been to the playoffs since 2003. The St. Louis football team has been cycling through coaches like a baseball game cycles through baseballs, each coach failing to do what the fans have been so desperately wanting, and that’s to win. With new coach Jeff Fisher, the Rams are no longer a team searching for an identity. They are a team searching for victories. The Rams are motivated by all the games lost in the past and the trials and tribulations that come with losing. This team is clearly on the rise and they aren’t the only ones.

The St. Louis Blues are no longer the punching bag of the National Hockey League. They are winning games and have a lot of expectations coming into this season. The team, led by Ken Hitchcock, now believes that they are a playoff caliber team and expects to fight for the Stanley Cup year-in and year-out although this season is in jeopardy because of a lockout. With the success of St. Louis’ three major sports franchises, it’s easy to imagine how a St. Louis fan must feel. It’s easy to get excited about sports in the city. 

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