Monday, December 31, 2012

A Falcon has Landed on Campus

By Devese Ursery

    It’s amazing how people are so unaware of their surroundings. Such is the case with the airplane the parking lot located in the southwest corner of campus. Hardly anyone notices the wingless plane surrounded in yellow caution tape.
Florissant Valley has its own corporate jet, a Dassult Falcon 10. No, it didn’t crash land on campus, it was donated to Florissant Valley by West Star Aviation and transported by Aviation Material and Technical Support (AVMATS).
            The jet is going to be used as a promotional show piece and it will also be used as a training aid in St. Louis Community College’s Aerospace Institute (A.I.) training program. The program opened its doors for classes in August 2011, at the Center for Workforce Innovations (CWI) from 7:30a.m. – 4:00p.m. in the building east of Florissant Valley. The following courses are offered: Aerospace Fundamentals-80 hours, Electrical Components-120 hours, Mechanical Components-80 hours, Metal Structures-200 hours, Composites Fabrication and Assembly-120 hours. The program will include an A&P (Airframe and Power) program at Gateway STEM high school, which entails an FAA license to become an airplane mechanic. There will also be a Snap-on-Torque Certification site at CWI. There will be six A.I instructors teaching classes Monday through Friday seven to eight hours a day (depending on the class). The next class, Aerospace Fundamentals (which is full) will begin on December 3. Grant funding for the program began February 2009, but will become tuition based in the fall. 
            For more information, contact Becky Epps at 314-513-4271.     

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