Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Women's History Month Goes Out With A Bang

By: Je'Nell McCrary

Reverend Traci Blackmon visited Florissant Valley March 31st to conclude Women's History Month with a beautiful speech that left the audience inspired.

Blackmon went to describe the different people and images that she thinks about when she thinks about Women's History Month, listing plenty of women who shaped history and women who are making a stance today. In addition, she inspired the crowd with statistics and powerful words that surrounded women empowerment. "There are more CEO's with the name John, than there are women CEO's" Blackmon stressed. "We were the, we are the, and of course we are often the unsolved heroes."

Initialy ordaining the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev Blackmon served in various capacities of ministry for nine years, prior to becoming the 18th installed and 1st woman pastor in the 156-year history of Christ The King United Church of Christ. Along with Rev Blackmon's ministry accomplishments she is a registered nurse, lead organizer and a recipient to numerous awards including the NAACP St. Louis County Rosa Parks Award.

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