Monday, November 1, 2010

Missouri 2010 Election

            Tuesday, November 2, is Election Day.  This year is not a presidential election year, but there are still plenty of positions and issues to be voted on that affect citizens, as well.
            For instance, tomorrow’s election will decide a new Senator for Missouri.  The candidates are Robin Carnahan for the Democratic Party, Roy Blunt for the Republican Party, Johnathan Dine for the Libertarian Party and Jerry Beck for the Constitution Party.
            Carnahan is Missouri’s Secretary of State.  She has been since 2004. 
            Some of the issues that Carnahan supports are affordable health care, supporting rural areas, improving on seniors’ benefits, among other things.  For more information about her personally and politically, you can visit her website:  
            Blunt, is a Missouri Congressman, and he is the father of Matthew Blunt the former Governor of Missouri.  He first was elected to the House of Representatives in 1997, but before then he served as Missouri’s Secretary of State.  He was elected to that position in 1984.
            He wants to enforce border laws, making advances in energy sources, among other things.  For more information about Blunt, visit his website: .
            Dine supports the legalization of marijuana, making healthcare more affordable, and much more, which can be read about at his website: .
            Beck, who as I already mentioned is a member of the Constitution Party supports ideals based on “the Declaration of Independence,” “the Constitution of the United States” and “the Bill of Rights.”  For more about the party you can check out their website: or you can check out Beck’s Facebook page: .
            There are also plenty of other positions that will be on the ballot.  
            Some of these positions include the County Executive for St. Louis County, the Prosecuting Attorney for St. Louis County, U.S. Representative for District 1, the State Auditor, the State Representative for District 74 and different judges for Missouri.
            During an election, there are more than just people that are being voted on.  There are also issues to be voted on.  Depending on the area you live in, will alter what different issues will be on the ballot.  
            It is important to be educated about the issues when voting, because you are the person who is responsible for how you vote.  Before you go to vote take a long hard look at the candidates, and what they stand for.  Also research the issues that are being voted on in your area.  Take the time to learn as much as you can before you make your decision because every vote counts.

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