Thursday, December 9, 2010

This is the Droid you are looking for by Jessica Penland

            Are you looking for an interesting or unique gift to give somebody this holiday season, or maybe just a nice treat for yourself?
            Well, you can stop looking, and check out the “Droid 2” smartphone by Motorola from Verizon Wireless.
            This amazing little device is like holding the world in the palm of your hand.  Not only can you quickly connect to the internet because the phone is 3G and connects to Wireless networks automatically, but you can completely customize the phone to fit your personal tastes.
            For instance, I am an entertainment, buff.  I love watching movies, listening to music, reading and watching the occasional video that has been posted on Youtube.
            Well, there is an application to do each of those things. 

Photo by Sherard Curry
            There is a Blockbuster Application, where you can rent movies and watch them directly on your phone.  There is an Amazon Kindle Application, where you can download books straight to your phone.  You can also hook the phone up to your computer, and transfer any of your music onto the phone.  Last but not least, there is an application that takes you straight to "Youtube". 
            These applications are easy to use as long as you read the guidelines set forth, not only are the applications easy to use, but there are a lot of applications that are free. 
            Many phones now have access to applications, so what makes this phone different?
            The organization of the phone is what interested me. 
            All you have to do is slide your finger to the left or the right, since it is a touchscreen phone, and you have entered a new section for your phone.  There is a section for your calendar, your camera, your social networks and for your news among other things.  It sure beats having to hit the menu button, then clicking on the tools and finally getting to your calendar, when you need to look up an event, like many people have to do with their older phones.
            Imagine having everything you need right in your hand. 
            If you need to know what the weather is going to be like it is just a few swift finger swipes away.
            If you want to know what is happing in the world, you have access to countless news articles with just mere taps of your fingers.
            Or maybe, you are lost while driving.  It happens to me all of the time, and it can turn scary really quickly if you have no sure way of knowing how to get back to where you need to be.  Well, this phone has multiple navigational applications, and you have instant access to maps.
            Honestly, there is almost an application for any need that might arise, and they are easy to use.  Even my eight year-old brother, was able to navigate the phone.
            So far, everything I have told you has been about practicality.  I have told you that this phone has what you need, but what about what you want?
            People usually want the camera on their phone to be decent. 
            The camera on the "Droid 2" is more than just decent.  The photos I took with the camera on the phone were of good quality.  I think it is because the flash is so bright.  Usually, camera phones do not have a bright flash so the pictures turn out dark, but that was not the case with my pictures.  Also, once again you can transfer these photos easily, much like you would from your digital camera to the computer.  The charger for the phone doubles as a USB cord to hook the phone up to the computer.
            Also there is a video camera feature.  When using this aspect of the camera, you will need to be in well-lit areas since there isn’t a flash going off to create extra light, but at least the microphone picks up sound well.  Another perk to this camera, is that you are able to Skype or video chat right from your phone.
            Speaking of chatting, what about texting people?
            The phone has a touchscreen keyboard, but it also has a slide-out keyboard, which makes texting easy and versatile, depending on your personal tastes. 
            There aren’t many flaws with this phone.  The only ones I did find were minor.  For instance, I had to charge the phone up every night, but with how many uses the phone has, it is understandable why the battery drains easily.  The other downside is that the screen gets smudged easily, but that is the same for all touchscreen phones.
            The "Droid 2" is a great phone and very useful.  There is not much you can’t do with this phone because of how accessible it is, and according to Verizon Wireless’ website this phone can be yours for only $149.99 after the mail-in-rebate.

This article has been re-posted from "the Forum" Volume 47 Issue 5.

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