Monday, February 21, 2011

Looking for a unique way to celebrate Black history month? by Sheila Shafie

Honor it by going to see "Ruined", a play about two women that live in a small town that is in the middle of war-torn Democratic & Republic of the congo. This play is about two women who are taken away from their families and constantly struggling to survive. This play looks at the females ways of surviving the tough times they are facing with a constant threat of war. They are black women in a very difficult time, but they must make the most of it and embrace it.

Where:               Grandel Theatre
                           3610 Grandel Square
                           Saint Louis, MO. 63108

When:                Wed., Feb 16th- Sun., March 6th

Who:                  Open to the public

Cost:                  $17.00-$42.00 (depending on section)

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