Monday, March 14, 2011

Visions From a Young Mind by Sean Hughes

    On February 17, at Florissant Valley’s Contemporary Art Gallery from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. there was an awards reception for the High School Art Exhibition.  The reception was an event to conclude the exhibition and give awards to some of the artists who participated. The high school students' art work was chosen by their own art directors and submitted to Florissant Valley to be displayed. Art Mart and the Contemporary Art Museum are some of the usual sponsors.

The gallery was crowded with people who attended the reception.
The Awards Ceremony is also like a “recruiting event”.  “We had a really good turnout, a lot of new people to campus were here to participate which is what we want,” said acting Gallery Coordinator Roxanne Phillips.

Gallery Coordinator Roxanne Phillips

There were some remarkable pieces that came from the minds and hands of a lot of these high schoolers.  A young man by the name of Tyron Terry who attends Parkway South had featured two pieces titled “Gluttony” and “The Wrath,” which received a lot of attention from onlookers at the display. Terry appeared to be as equally shy as he is talented.  He said he took his name tag off upon entering the awards ceremony because he didn’t want any attention. 

Tyron Terry poses with his piece of art.

Artwork done by Kortney Luby of Francis Howell Central was impressive and equally mind provoking.  Her piece was titled “Hope.” After talking to a couple of different onlookers about this “Hope” piece, everyone had a slightly different depiction of what they thought it was trying to get across. It gives off an abstract feel to it. “You can get different perspectives from it, but I meant it to show how mankind is and will destroy the Earth, and yet you can never really destroy this earth and how there is also beauty sometimes to be found within destruction,” replied Luby, the artist who made it.

Artist Kourtney Luby poses underneath her piece "Hope".
This is a closer look at the work of art "Hope".

The winners were the first place, Tyron Brooks from Pattonville for his “Bite Me” piece pictured on the left.  Honorable mention went to Emily Doermer from Parkway Central for her piece, “Sunset Room” at the center.  Third place went to Sarah May from Parkway South for her piece, “Ghleann” pictured on the right.

The award winners all pose together.  Pictured from left to right is Tyron Brooks, Emily Doermer and Sarah May.

After talking extensively to you  young talented artists most of you expressed desire to do more digital art.  But after looking at some of the paintings, I would hope that you would still keep the tradition of painting for the sake of authenticity. You will do the world and yourselves a beautiful justice.
Thank you.
Sean Hughes

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