Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Simpsons Ending?

By Christine Willbrand

The Simpsons, a weekly animated cartoon show on FOX, might be coming to an end next spring after twenty-three years on air, a producer stated on Oct. 4. The longest-running scripted series is in danger over financial reasons. If you remember, the show went on a one-month strike back in 2004 over the voice actor’s salaries. Right now, their current paychecks are $8 million for 22 weeks of work. The pay cut would be an estimated 45 percent of what the main six actors are paid. The key actors who voice the show, including Dan Castellaneta (Homer), Julie Kavner (Marge), Nancy Cartwright (Bart), Yeardley Smith (Lisa), Hank Azaria (Moe the bartender, Chief Wiggum and Apu) and Harry Shearer (Mr. Burns and Ned Flanders) have offered to take a 30 percent pay cut in lieu of receiving profits from merchandising but, FOX refused.

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