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The "Hart" of Think Like a Man

The “Hart” of Think Like a Man
Promotes Film in St. Louis
of the FORUM

                       Photos by BRADLEY J. RAYFORD /FORUM

Kevin Hart made a pit stop at the St. Louis AMC Esquire Theater on April 12 to promote the film Think Like a Man, inspired by Steve Harvey’s book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. Hart was in town to perform his new standup Let Me Explain at the Scottrade Center on April 13.  In an interview with Kevin, he explained why he feels fans should go see the film as well as gave insight to his current love life.

Q: What message should women take from the movie?
A: “The most important message that women should take from the movie is the issue of communication,” says Hart. “It’s not one sided. Sometimes you can’t expect so much and put so much pressure on one half of the relationship. There has to be that equal balance.

Q: What have you personally learned about relationships outside of the film?
A: “My relationship is better now because I’m smarter. I went through a divorce, and because of that I’m much more wise about what to do and what not to do. Because of that, I’m a much better man”.

Q: We heard you’re going to be attending the Cardinals’ game while you’re in town.
A: “I’m pretty excited about that. I’m trying to catch a baseball.” (He laughs)

Q: So, are you a big Cardinal’s fan?
A: “No I ain’t a Cardinals fan! I’m just going to the game, that’s all.”(He laughs again)

Q: Thoughts on Social Media
A: “At the end of the day, that’s the power of social media, when you get a following, you can really go to your following and put out material that your followers want to see. That’s how you build your brand.

Q: Most enjoyable part of completing this film
A: “I enjoyed working with my peers. I got to see people I haven’t seen in a while and we put together a great cast. And when you have fun in your work environment, it’s much easier to get good work done.”

Cammy Blount interviews Kevin Hart at the Think Like a Man promotion in St. Louis, MO

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