Friday, June 8, 2012

Fruits & Veggies On The Go

Metro Transit Offers Summertime
Traveling Farmers Market  

By Devese Ursery of the Forum

  Traveling on public transportation is hard enough, add having to stop at a grocery store and travel becomes even more of a hassle. Sappington Farmer’s Market and Metro Transit have partnered to bring about a resolution to your inconvenience. Imagine getting off of the train at the Metro Link Station or a bus at the Metro Bus Center and the first thing that you see is a makeshift farmer’s market with fresh organic foods. Well to the surprise of many Metro passengers their wish has been granted. 
  The Mobile Market, a community initiative program launched by Sappington’s Farmer’s Market, will sell affordably priced, locally produced, fresh foods at certain MetroLink Stations and MetroBus Centers. The Mobile Market will peddle such seasonal foods as eggs, vegetables, fruits, and value-added items like jams, jellies, and breads under the brand name Farm to Family Naturally. The joint venture between Metro Transit and Farm to Family Naturally Mobile Market will give commuters and neighborhood residents more convenient access to healthy fruits and vegetables produced locally and around the country.
  The Mobile Market, which started on March 18, 2012 and continues through October, will roll into three Metro Transit Centers located in areas where nearby citizens have little to no access to fresh fruits and vegetables. “The Farm to Family Naturally Mobile Market at these metro transit centers is a great initiative that not only addresses the deep connection between accessible transportation and healthy food choices, but also provides a proactive solution through community partnership. Metro looks forward to more opportunities to work with organizations to bring economic and social value to our customers and communities,” said John Langa, Metro’s vice president of economic development.
  The Mobile Market will connect nearby residents and Metro customers to better health, good nutrition and accessible transportation through locally grown foods supplied by Missouri and Illinois farm families. Customers will be able to purchase the healthy options by cash, credit/debit cards, or governmental food assistance programs (EBT).

The Mobile Market will serve the
following centers on the listed days and times below:

Delmar MetroLink Station      
Tuesday 1pm-4pm

North Hanley MetroLink station
     Wednesday 3pm-5:30pm

Emerson Park MetroLink Station, East St. Louis, Ill.
 Fridays 9am-noon

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