Monday, July 16, 2012

Bus Stop On The Move

Photo by Holly Shanks / Forum

by Dee Brandy of The Forum

  The Metro bus stop has been located between the Administration building and the Social Science building in the arch of the Campus for the past several years.  A proposed move due to the high volume of traffic from the buses and cars dropping off and picking up students was approved on the June Board of Trustee’s agenda and construction is anticipated to start in July or as soon as possible.
The new bus stop locations will be near the Child Development Center and the main entrance sign of the campus, near the Terry M. Fischer Theater.  The groundwork and reconstruction for the two areas will structurally reinforce the ground to accommodate the added weight and traffic flow.
  Florissant Valley President Marcia Pfeiffer suggests faculty, staff, and students find alternative routes such as the entrance closer to West Florissant near the Center for Workforce Innovation building or the back of the campus off of Hudson Drive. Traffic congestion is expected during the construction period, and during that time commuters will need to allow themselves extra time for dropping off children, arriving to work, and getting to class.

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