Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy 25th Anniversary “Shark Week”

Artwork by Marcus McDaniel / Forum

by Holly Shanks of The Forum

Sharks, sharks and more sharks. That is what the Discovery Channel has brought yearly to a captivated viewing audience around the world, and this August marks the 25th anniversary of the famed series.
Multi-generational viewers wait in anticipation for “Shark Week,” the week-long television extravaganza of nothing but sharks.
The visual feast offers the best and the latest in camera technology and advancements, as well as the most up-to-date shark science that allows the viewer to get up close and personal with the star of the show. 
This year’s silver anniversary line-up has plenty to offer the faithful follower and new comer alike. 
  The awesomeness of the “Air Jaws” series shows off just how stunning this predatory creature can be. 
After 400 million years in the ocean, sharks have learned a thing or two about adapting and survival. The Great White shark’s evolved seal hunting skills have lead to a fan favorite named “Air Jaws.”
Great White’s have been captured on film forcefully propelling their possible one ton mass from the ocean depths to breach the top of the water with amazing agility and speed, with its prey often times caught between it’s teeth. 
The shark’s entire body can be hurled entirely out of the water to twist, flip and turn back beneath the surface to its domain.  
The 2011 Emmy-nominated “Ultimate Air Jaws” was just a precursor for this year’s next installment of the popular show, “Air Jaws Apocalypse.”
Fans will also be treated to this years new shows, such as “Shark Week’s 25 Best Bites,” as- well-as “Mythbusters’ Jawsome Shark Special” and “Adrift: 47 Days With Sharks,” a premiere documentary that showcases an American plane crash during WWII into shark infested waters. According to Discovery’s Shark Week website, “This is the inspiring true story of two war heroes who survived 47 days at sea, fighting off sharks, with only the food they were able to catch from the ocean and the water they were able to collect from the rain. But when they finally did reach land, it was only the beginning of their troubles. What happened to these two men is one of the greatest test of faith, will and endurance of our time.” 
Discovery also is scheduled to premiere “How Jaws Changed The World” and Discovery describes it by saying, “There are very few movies we can honestly say truly changed the world- and “Jaws” was one of them…In the aftermath of the film’s release, great white sharks were vilified and killed, leading to their near-disappearance from the eastern seaboard. At the same time, public fascination with sharks led to a golden age of shark science and conservation efforts.”
Many scary movies, documentaries, and thousands of scientific facts about sharks are continuously bombarding the airwaves, but people still continue to find sharks mysterious and extremely fascinating, along with one of the most scary things about swimming in the ocean.    
The 25th anniversary of “Shark Week” is gearing up to be a fantastic voyage of fun facts, enlightening historical stories, visual spectacles, continuing shark conservation efforts, and shark filled memorable moments. 
“Shark Week” airs August 12th on the Discovery Channel. Visit to find Shark Week, games, phone apps, facebook and twitter links, show line-ups, top 100 shark facts, video links of past shows, photographs, shark news, and a live virtual feed of the “Ocean Voyager” exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta GA.

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