Monday, July 16, 2012

Joplin Tree Dedicated

Photo by Bradley J Rayford / Forum
The Joplin tree dedication was a ceremony that celebrated the efforts made to raise money in relief of the survivors of a deadly tornado that ravaged the city over year a ago. The tornado caused 162 fatalities. Florissant Valley along with many others across the nation joined hands to lend a hand in the clean up efforts of Joplin. The catastrophe caused millions of dollars worth of damage and forced hundreds to become homeless. Of the three STLCC campuses, Florissant Valley raised the biggest amount ($2000). That amount was matched, dollar for dollar by the Harbor Day Foundation.
 The Student Government Association of Florissant Valley planted a maple tree near the Time Capsule, right behind the Terry M. Fischer Theatre to memorialize the citizens of Joplin that lost their lives and to celebrate the accomplishment of raising an enormous amount of money for a worthy cause.

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