Monday, July 16, 2012

Brush up on your Math with Math Boot Camp

  The Math Boot Camp is an intensive review that will help identify a student’s particular area of weakness and provide individual help and problem solving practice. The boot camp will be held in a workshop format,  where students will take a pre-test and the results will be used to identify areas of weakness for each student. There will also be mini-lectures given by instructors on key topics covered by the Pre Algebra section of the COMPASS Placement Test. Upon completion of the boot camp students will be allowed to retest on the placement test and hopefully eliminate or reduce the need for developmental courses.
  Classes will be offered at all the STLCC campuses, but class dates vary from campus to campus. Classes will take place Monday through Friday and will cost students $49. Students can register through Continuing Education and by calling 314-984-7777. For Florissant Valley the dates are as follows:

 •    7/23-7/26     6p-9p     B-120
 •    7/30-8/2        1p-4p     B-120

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