Monday, July 16, 2012

A Shrine to Honor STLCC's 50th Anniversary

  A Blue Sand Shrine is being erected to honor the 50 years of STLCC’s existence. The shrine will house various photographic images from Florissant Valley’s first days. It will also have pictures of this campus’ construction, as well as snapshots of its first students will be included.
  The outside of the structure will be constructed of stained wood. The interior will be painted metallic silver. A sand pendulum will be installed in the middle of the shrine. This pendulum will draw patterns in a basin of blue sand. The blue and silver theme will represent STLCC’s official colors.
  The sculpture was designed by Professor Michael Quintero and is being constructed with the help of Mark Heil. This project is sponsored by Florissant Valley Community Relations with support from Florissant Valley’s Art Department

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