Monday, August 27, 2012

Top DLC for Cheap

By MARCUS McDANIEL of the Forum

 Summer is just about over and so are the big videogame releases of the season.  While gamers may have beaten their favorite games over and over and are looking for something to pass the time, don’t fret. There are great titles to download for cheap prices as well as other downloadable content to enhance a title you may have already conquered.
 Batman: Arkham City: Harley Quinn’s Revenge: (Xbox 360, PS3) As if Batman: Arkham City wasn’t awesome enough, fans can now download Harley Quinn’s Revenge for $10(800 MS points). The events take place after the ending of Arkham City, so players may want to make sure to beat the original story before playing though this DLC. Without spoiling any major plot lines, Harley Quinn, the Joker’s trusty sidekick, wants revenge on Batman and lures him back into Arkham City to fulfill her plans. This DLC is a great way to enjoy the Caped Crusader and one of the best games of last year even more. Plus, fans get to play a portion as Robin, the Boy Wonder. I’d call that a win in my book. Stop hesitating and download this amazing pack now.
 Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD (Xbox 360, Available August 28 for PS3): Are you ready to re-live your childhood with a gaming gem from yesteryear? Then download Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD for $15 (1200 MS points).  The first entry in the Tony Hawk series is redone in high definition and adds online multiplayer to the mix. Fans of the second and third installment of the series will be pleased to find that tricks like manuals were added along with some of the top names in skateboarding today. The original soundtrack remains intact and gamers will be kick-flipping and grinding to some of their favorite tunes from1999. There’s no need to finish building that time machine now. Just fork over the dough to transport yourself back to the end of the 90s and enjoy this game.
 Wreckateer (Xbox 360, must own Kinect): If you own a Kinect and are an Angry Birds fanatic then you should go nuts for Wreckateer.  Players must use their bodies to shoot a variety of different wrecking balls to destroy castles filled with goblins. This is a pretty entertaining game for the whole family and is a great addition to a slim market of decent Kinect titles.  Xbox owners can blow up castles for just $10 (800 MS points).
 Fruit Ninja (Xbox 360, must own Kinect): Sticking with the Kinect theme and mobile gaming, check out Fruit Ninja on Xbox 360. The title will only cost $10 (800 MS points) and players can enjoy one of the top-downloaded mobile games without using a touchscreen. Instead of the finger swipe used on cell phones, gamers use their arms to become living room ninjas.  The console version also supports local cooperative play. People will have tons of fun chopping through waves of fruit but try not to karate chop your buddy in the face (well…at least use a “Waaachaaa!” if you do.)
 Walking Dead (Xbox 360, PS3, PC): Are you a fan of the Walking Dead comic and TV series? Do you just love zombies and survival horror games? Well for a mere $5 each, fans can download parts one and two of the episodic Walking Dead game. Brought to us by TellTale games, the studio that delivered cult favorite games like Sam and Max, gamers will navigate the world of the undead as Lee Everett. This game stays really close to the source material and players should use caution when making decisions since each action or choice will affect the entire five-part series and how it ends.
Those are just a few nuggets of DLC to wet your whistle during this gaming drought. Check out these titles and I’m sure your thirst will be quenched until the fall gaming season. Keep calm and game on.

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