Friday, September 28, 2012

40 Years Of FV Memories

Courtesy FV Communications Dept.

 By SARAH HAYES of the Forum

  Eileen Phillips has been working in the Communications North office as a secretary since 1971, and since then she’s seen everything from political protests to bomb threats, and even the occasional streaking. When a position for a new secretary in the Communications building opened up, one of Phillips’ teachers contacted her for applying - and the rest fell into place. As to whether the Florissant Valley campus has changed, her answer is a straightforward one: “Obviously they’ve changed with the times.” She points out that since the school’s initial building, there has been a daycare center and a training center added to school grounds as well as a remodeling of the student center. For Phillips, among the highlights of these past forty years have been the founding of the radio station KCFV-FM 89.5 The Wave, the joint start of the Deaf Communications Studies program and the Access office that have brought hearing-impaired/deaf students and faculty to Florissant Valley’s campus and many of the theater productions that have been put on by the faculty and students. “I never thought I was going to be here,” Phillips admitted. Her initial estimate was one year and then move on, but forty years later she says,  “It’s been interesting.”

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