Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Fashion Trends 2012

By BRITTANY WOODS of the Forum

Hello all my fashionistas. This fall will be fun and full of fashion for creative vintage lovers. There are several trends going that have so much to offer for everyone. I have the inside scoop on what and where to find them on our college budgets.
                                       Practical & Pretty
We know that as college students, we are wearing many “hats,” such as juggling school, work, campus activities, and families for some individuals. This section is dedicated to you. Athletic gear can be trendy and comfortable. Just make sure that you are not overdoing the athletic apparel. A good example of practical and pretty is comfy jogging pants, a cozy turtleneck, a cute color-blocked cardigan, and simple wedges.  It’s comfortable and cute on campus.  I don’t suggest wedges if you are a doing a lot of walking. If you are a “walker,” classic cowboy-style boots will be the trend you need to take advantage of. Feel free to add vintage accessories, huge earrings, and abstract bracelets to add the high fashion look.  For the practical and pretty look, check out Avalon Exchange in the Loop, formerly known as Rag-O-Roma. You can bring your gently used items, and trade them in for new looks. What I love most about Avalon Exchange is that they stay in trend. Not like Plato’s Closet where they buy anything name brand and in good condition. It’s not about the name; it’s about the look. You can achieve a Michael Kors look on a Wal-Mart budget with the right eye.

                                                            Color Blocking
Yes, we get to keep color blocking into the fall season also. Color blocking is when you take two or more color pieces and pair them together to create a look. It’s very easy to do, and when the trend fades away, your “color-blocking” pieces will easily transition into basic or maybe even new trends. To achieve this with fun pieces, you can use clothes already in your closet to create a new look. Just add variety and remember that accessories already make the outfit. Even though most bright colors are frowned upon during the colder months, color blocking will be very popular into the winter. Your abstract dresses you loved so much during the summer can be extended with tights, booties, and blazers. Be careful when picking out accessories. You still want your dress to be the main focus.  When creating your own blocking, incorporate as many colors as you like. The sky is the limit. You don’t have to be super-matching. Try new colors that you wouldn’t normally match together. It’s fun and creative. People will notice and may even mimic your idea. Now you’re a trendsetter! Color blocking became hot in the 80s and continues to trend today. So please don’t sleep on Goodwill, thrift stores, and resale shops because you can find some awesome pieces in these places at great prices.
Prints & Layers
Not long ago when someone saw prints, they may have thought of old-lady furniture. Now prints are everywhere and almost everyone is experimenting with new prints, patterns, and creative ways to layer them. Bring out those old sweaters because they will come in handy this season. Sweatpants with patterns will be a great way to incorporate more color blocking. Button-downs and long-sleeve shirts with collars are great for layering and keeping warm and the bigger the collar, the better.
So there you have it. Remember, these are just trends. The best advice on fashion is to be you and feel comfortable.  Every look is not for everyone. We are who we are because of individuality so be free being you.

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