Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Something New in the Art Gallery

Photos by Terrence Monroe and Bradley J. Rayford / Forum
By Terence Monroe of the Forum
     Currently in the Florissant Valley Art Gallery sits some new and creative works of art by Beverly Buchanan. The exhibit that is being featured is called “Home-Space, Place, Memory”. Buchanan’s focuses on the look and feel of the structures she creates. She says her vision closely resembles the reality of current places and their surrounding landscapes. Her goal is to try to continue to develop the idea of memory versus reality. Buchanan work can be found in many art museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Whitney Museum in New York City. Many of Buchanan art work is usually in the form of a sculpture or drawing,  even today Buchanan is still working on new art.
Buchanan’s work is very unique. The work of this African American female artist includes her “calling card” a multitude of colors that blend together to create unique images. But its not just the color that allows her work to stand out. It’s the detail.  It doesn’t matter if the details are small or big they all have a hidden message and a purpose.  I wasn’t able to touch any of her work because of fear of damaging them but I was able to get close and take a good look at the art. The insides of most, if not all the creations, were empty. Her work seems to focus on the outside a lot more than the inside of the art. I encourage everyone to go and check out Beverly Buchanan’s art soon. The exhibit will be on display until October 11 in the Art Gallery in the lower level of the Instructional Resources building. See for yourself the unique features that her art displays. The Art Gallery is open Monday through Friday and you can go to the Florissant Valley Website as There will be a link to the Art Gallery that you can click on to learn more.

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