Monday, October 29, 2012

Siler's Television Premiere Recap

                                             Diversity, Drama and Comedy

                               New Season Kicks Off with Something for Everyone
By JEFF SILER of the Forum

This television season has started off to be one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. I can legitimately say that there is not a single new sitcom that I haven’t enjoyed, with The Mindy Project being the only new Sitcom that I haven’t actually watched. I said before that this season seems to be putting a focus on homosexual relationships and that trend has provided me with what I look at as the smartest new comedy in The New Normal and with what I’d probably call the second or third funniest new comedy of CBS’ Partners. Of all the new sitcoms, Fox’s Ben & Kate has provided me with the most laughs, Animal Practice has been my most unexpected like (but it won’t be around too much longer), Go On has been mildly entertaining, as well as Guys With Kids, and ABC’s The Neighbors has been better than expected. I can honestly say that I enjoyed all of the aforementioned shows.
As for the returning sitcoms, there haven’t been many disappointments to this point. Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and New Girl have come out the gate the strongest in my eyes and other shows like How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, and 2 Broke Girls have been good but they haven’t blown me away yet. For me, The Big Bang Theory, Up All Night, and The Office have been kind of boring so far. Of course, if you go by ratings, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory have been the most-watched shows. Honestly, the world of sitcoms is much better than last year and it will only continue to rise with the return of Community, Suburgatory, Happy Endings, Last Man Standing, and others returning in the coming weeks.
When it comes to the new dramas, there are only a few that have really impressed me. Revolution has quickly become my favorite with Vegas following closely behind. Arrow and Beauty and the Beast just premiered, but judging from the first episode, I feel as if I am going to enjoy these shows and I highly recommend checking them out. Elementary is good but not great after the first few episodes. I do really like 666 Park Avenue but judging by ratings, I seem to be the only person in that boat and I don’t see it lasting much longer.   
The only returning dramas that I watch are Once Upon A Time and Revenge and they both have been very good up to this point. If I had to recommend any show, I’d say Revenge is it, but make sure you start from the beginning of last season because without that, a lot of the show won’t make complete sense. I know there are quite a few dramas I failed to have mentioned here but that is only because of how I watch dramas. I try to limit my viewing to just the shows that have stood out to me and Revenge and Once Upon a Time are the only shows that left a true impression on me. I also limit my writing to just Network shows, so don’t expect to see Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Homeland, Sons of Anarchy or any of the other premium Network shows mentioned here.
What you should take from this is that I recommend checking out Animal Practice and Partners while you can and all of the new NBC comedies have been surprisingly good. Revolution, Vegas, and Arrow are the go-to shows for this season and I wouldn’t even bother watching 666 Park Avenue because it will probably be cancelled very soon, despite the fact it is a pretty amazing show.

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