Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ADAEZ Wireless Door Opener Will Save Campus Money

by Bradley Rayford

Florissant Valley is working with cutting edge and eco-friendly technology, trying out a new automatic door opener in an effort to save the college money. This new system, installed and serviced by campus maintenance, costs around $1200.  Each unit is self-contained and does not require an outside power source. The internal battery recharges when the doors open and close. The current automatic door openers were installed back in the 70’s and are considerably more bulky and larger than the new system weighing around 50-60 pounds.

Using new technology, the new ADAEZ Wireless Door Opener weighs about 5-pounds, which is 10 times less than the old system. According to FV Maintenance Supervisor Gary Roney, the college has a contract with an outside firm that repairs and services the old openers at a cost of $300 to $600 per visit, depending on the severity of the repair. The new openers will practically pay for themselves because it can be installed and repaired in-house by campus maintenance.

“We are looking for something more reliable that we can service in-house and save energy,” says maintenance worker Kevin Gerstenecker. Kevin and fellow maintenance worker Eldon Gowen installed the new system in about an hour, which they say is a dramatic improvement over the old opener,which took about a day to install.

If the new ADAEZ Wireless Door Opener works in this trial program, they will be replace all he existing automated door openers at all of STLCC buildings. 

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