Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trends and Fads: No Self Identity

by Robin Harris

So the question has been raised.  What has come of the student generation that makes them all want to look alike, wear the same clothes and have the same haircut etc.? The same styles that are seen on television, in the movies and heard from our parents past. It was a phenomenon in their generation as well, but the problem today that concerns myself, and many others is that young adults are not thinking clearly about the choices of being part of a trendy society.  

For instance, why are they choosing to leave the comforts of their home in pajamas and house shoes?  Something my mother has always told me as a child was to never leave the house without clean underwear on, but now should parents be telling their children to not leave the house without pants and proper shoes?

Why have such things become so trendy? I have asked and no one has given me any reason or logic behind this on any fad that would constantly disrupt the moral fabric of our society. But it’s not just leaving the house with sleepwear on.  When you walk through a mall on a busy Saturday afternoon filled with young adults, dare I say it? They all look alike.  

What do we have to say about a generation that has gotten so caught up in trends and fads that during their developmental years of self-identity they are trying to look like everyone else instead of searching for what makes them unique.I believe that keeping up with the fads has become too powerful in this generation. 

So my next question is how far will they go?  If they are willing to wear pajamas outside, sag their pants while showing the world their underwear, get tattoos in unbecoming places will they also be willing to make more serious bad choices that will affect their future?

Don’t be so stuck in the fad of being trendy that you lose yourself!

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