Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jennings Middle School Visits Florissant Valley

by Steven Bell

Has you child given any thought to his future? Do they have any interest in furthering their education when they get out of school? Do they have an idea of what college they want to attend?  Jennings Middle School is thinking of these questions and has teamed up with Florissant Valley Community College to give students a tour of its campus and fields of study that the students may be into.

The students of Jennings Middle School are taking an interest in their future. On June 5th Florissant valley welcomed the 117 middle school students and introduced them to a wide range of studies that caught the attention of the young scholars.

The students were split up into groups and toured different parts of campus while participating in biotech/nanotech and physics activities. The students constructed a DNA molecule model out of macaroni and followed that with a discussion of rocket fuel. In the engineering technology based activity, they learned how to print 3-D pictures with computer aided design.

Jennings Middle School students visit Home Plate,
the educational sustainable community garden at Florissant Valley.
The students also got to look into earth sciences as well. The students had an opportunity to visit the Mobil Tech Center. There, they looked at different soil types, grasses and made grass beads. They also went to the pond and were intrigued by the dragonfly nymphs and snails.

They visited the garden on campus and learned about the native flora and were allowed to sample organic vegetables. Students were told about the drip irrigation system and how it was used to water plants and crops.

Another activity the students enjoyed was the tour of the KCFV-FM radio station. There they learned the difference between analog and digital signals and also audio production. They also worked with voice tracking as well.

The students of Jennings Middle School had a great time on Florissant Valley’s campus. The staff members that were involved with the program were delighted to see the students take great interest in the activities and tour. They all look forward to seeing the students come back to Florissant Valley.  

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