Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Saint Louis County Health Warns About Flood Waters

In light of the recent flooding that has shut down several highways and spurred evacuations in West Alton, the Saint Louis County Department of Health is warning residents about the serious dangers of flood waters. These waters can contain toxic materials such as raw sewage and are considered a severe public health threat. The threat of these sewage-filled waters will only become greater as flooding continues to threaten multiple areas of Missouri and Illinois.

In order to cut down on citizens unknowingly bringing disease and injuries onto themselves, the Department of Health has issued a number of warnings for those in flood-prone areas:

  • Keep children away from flood water and items that have been in said water.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after contact with flood water.
  • Keep children's hands washed frequently, especially before eating.
More information about staying safe around flood water can be found at this CDC website: Flood Water After A Disaster Or Emergency.

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