Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Caution Urged During Late STL Summer Heat Wave

As the temperatures climb higher and higher, the Saint Louis County Department of Health is advising Saint Louis residents to take caution in the summer heat. The forecast for the next several days, which includes the upcoming Labor Day weekend, is expected to rise in the high 90s. A heat advisory has already been issued for Tuesday, August 27 and will extend into Saturday.

As a precaution, the Health Department has recommended people take the following points to keep themselves cool and safe:

  • Drink plenty of chilled, non-alcoholic beverages, and eat foods that are not heavy or overly greasy.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing that does not limit movement or is dark in color.
  • Keep an eye on young children and the elderly, and check up on neighbors and family members who don't have air conditioning and are particularly vulnerable to the heat.
  • If working outside, take regular breaks in a shaded area or in a place that is air conditioned.
  • Look out for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Someone with heat stroke will be dizzy, nauseated, and sweat more than usual; they should be moved to a cooler place immediately. Someone with a heat stroke will be similar to one with exhaustion but will also include flushed skin and no longer any normal sweating; 911 should be called immediately for them.
Not only humans, but pets too are susceptive to the summer heat. Pets should be kept inside or in a shady location, never left inside a vehicle, and provided fresh water on a regular basis. The key point is to enact what are called "common sense precautions" and stay out of the heat whenever possible.

For more information and safety tips, as well as assistance for those without air conditioning, you can visit the Health Department's webpage at www.stlouisco.com/HealthandWellness/HeatSafetyTips.

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