Friday, August 30, 2013

Chancellor Dorsey Loses Contract Extension In Board Session

By Sarah Hayes
The contract that keeps STLCC Chancellor Myrtle Dorsey in her job is set to expire in June 2014 and due to a recent vote by the college's Board of Trustees, her contract will not be extended. During a closed executive session earlier this month, college trustees put Chancellor Dorsey's contract to a vote that, had it passed, would have extended her contract to 2015. Such a motion was ultimately unsuccessful and the vote split between the six trustees in a three-three vote.  
The decision is not a binding one; it is ultimately up to Dorsey if she stays with the college during the last year of her contract, according to board chairman Craig Larson as he spoke to the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch.
Issues that factored into the decision to not extend Dorsey's contract included the college's handling of the Meramec incident, in which a student was attacked in the bathroom by another student. The issue was not openly discussed by STLCC authorites until the parents of the victim went to the local press with her story. The Meramec incident ended in the arrest of the assailant and the resignations of several college employees who were directly involved in the response to the attack.
Of the six members of the Board of Trustees who voted during this closed session, the three trustees who voted to extend Dorsey's contract were Doris Graham, Craig Larson and Melissa Hattman. The trustees who voted on the opposite side were Libby Fitzgerald, Joan McGivney and Hattie Jackson.

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