Friday, September 13, 2013

Flo Valley's Papier Featured On MLA Site

The face of Florissant Valley's own reference librarian and assistant professor Jeff Papier is currently sitting proudly on the front page of the Missouri Library Associate (MLA) website. Papier has been a librarian with the college since 2007; before that, he worked at various public libraries for about fourteen years.

At Flo Valley, Papier gives students lessons on research, gives informative sessions on bibliographic instruction, and develops the library's collection. He is also the library liaison to several academic departments. 

When he's not doing his library duties, Papier is one of the sponsors for the campus LGBT group, Friendly Colors.

“We help students who are fairly well academically prepared and wish ultimately to transfer to a four-year college," he said. "At the same time, we help students who struggled through high school and who need lots of assistance in realizing their goal of receiving a college education.”

You can read more about Jeff Papier's achievements at the MLA webpage as well as the STLCC News website.

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