Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Review: "If Life Was A Game"

By Sarah Hayes

Keyan Mianji’s debut non-fiction book, “If Life Was A Game,” asks of its readers a simple question: what if life was, in fact, a game? How would you play this game and are there any strategies for winning such a long game? It seems like a rather weighty question for such a slim volume – this book barely breaks a sweat at fifty pages and is heavily illustrated at that – but Mianji perseveres in providing the cliff notes version of his answer to that titular question.

If life is a game and the end result is to win, Mianji says, then the ultimate objective of winning is to end happier than when you started. Mianji lays out his solution to a happier life through an acronym called HALF, which focuses on health, personal achievements, love and fun. As long as someone keeps in good health, completes their own goals and achievements, maintains healthy relationships with their loved ones, and has fun, then they are winning the so-called game of life.

The core of this book is based on Mianji’s personal life philosophy but also draws from a number of better-known self-help tomes, such as the blockbuster novel “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. “If Life Was A Game” probably won’t join the ranks of such best-selling novels any time soon, and its practical, common sense-based advise may not change millions of lives, but it’s a smart, slick primer towards being a better player in the game of life. For students stuck in the mire between studies and personal life, Mianji’s words will be the booster shot required to break out and become better. 

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