Monday, February 23, 2015

Florissant Valley Staff and Faculty Book Club

 An enthusiastic librarian named Stacey Lampman, who has a passion for reading, leads the Flo Valley staff and faculty book club. The book club consists of 8 to 10 women, who get together every season of the year. At the meetings Stacey and the ladies make suggestions on books they would like to read and then take a vote. The book they were reviewing this time around was a novel by Stephen King entitled “11/22/63”. This book is unlike anything Stephen King has previously written. In this piece King rewrote history in attempt to stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Jake Epping, the main character and high school teacher in 2011 was ‘accidentally’ given the responsibility of going back in time to change the tragic events. Even though Jake has witnessed first-hand that time could be changed; it is not without its drawbacks. This book is a must read!

By. Gordon Ellerson

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