Monday, May 1, 2017

Around The Table

"Around The Table"

In room 129 of the Science and Math Building, students weekly explore the world one dish at a time. One week it’s Northern Europe; another week Africa. This global trip briefly brought students home over midterms as they shared the stories of their own familial heritage through a shared meal.
Jeanne Florini has taught The Cultural Feast: an Introduction to Food and Society for over 10 years. An advisor for the Global Classroom Club and a lover of Italian cuisine, she introduces students to new dishes and new ideas about the world and themselves.
“They find out a lot about themselves,” observed Florini. “Food is a story; it’s a personal story. It’s an important part to your identity.”                   
Students engage in culinary adventures, introducing their palettes to new flavors while learning about different ethnicities’ approaches to health and diet. Although part of the Dietetic Technology Nutrition Care program, this course attracts students from various studies.                  
“We formulate a community. The best way to build community is eating together.”
The course’s purpose is “to broaden horizons, creating awareness of ethnocentric assumptions,” explained Florini. She sees growth among her students. Not only do they improve their communication and critical thinking skills, but they are now open to new ideas and new experiences.

Pulling Up a Chair
Florini with students on spring break trip to Milan, 2017
 Students and faculty can join in these tasty adventures on Wednesday April 19 at the Global Studies Student Symposium. The event takes place on the third floor of the library from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. On the day’s menu are student presentations, food tasting and gelato. For more information, email Jeanne Florini

By Katelyn Ericson of the Forum 

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