Finding Yourself Through Belief

Finding Yourself Through Belief

In the time of being a college student one of many may not know their peers story and how they're making it in college. The thing about hearing about a student's perspective is some may find that they relate to the story.  One can find motivation in hearing about what a student is going through at school and how they handle certain situations. Isaiah Smith is a student who is studying Human Services here at STLCC- Florissant Valley. Follow Smith on his journey to becoming the best person he can be.

Smith Graduated from Soldan International Studies High School in 2013. Since joining Florissant Valley, Smith is a part of the on campus club the "Cru" which is based on bible study and spreading the word of God to those who wish to hear about it. Smith tells his story of triumph through the word of God and how it helped him throughout his collegiate years.   

After graduating from high school and attending Smith didn't really have a specific direction when he started taking classes at Florissant Valley Smith said, "My goal wasn't to go to college.” “The more classes I completed here (Florissant Valley) I kind of just said ‘Well why not get my Associates while’ I'm here, and the longer I've been here the more my plan has formulated for after I leave here."

Although the transition from high school to college was not smooth for Smith he managed to keep on going. Smith said, "It was a bit of a difficult one for me because my mindset wasn't on the school work it was more so on the relationship I was in." Smith went through some very challenging times during his first semester at Florissant Valley and made the decision to utilize the school’s counseling services Florissant Valley offers. “I went through different sessions and each session talked me through what I was dealing with and how I would deal with it." Smith said. "How I overcame is I found my faith while I was here."

Smith met with some friends in bible and started to notice things changing in his life, Smith says, "As time went on, I guess God started bringing different people in my life and the really changed the course of it." Smith went on to give his life to Christ. 

In the next five years Smith says he would like to have graduated from University of Missouri- St. Louis (UMSL) and have his bachelor’s or master’s degree. Smith speaks more candidly about the future he wishes to see. He says that he’d like to have that sense of security in his life and a strong foundation in whatever he does. Smith says, "I want to be wherever God wants me to be and giving my all at whatever it is."

By Jordan Wade of The Forum