Thursday, June 21, 2018

Gateway to College celebrates new graduates and 10 year anniversary

The Gateway to College (GTC) graduated 15 students in May as the program celebrated 10 years at St. Louis Community College. James Gillespie manages the program which is designed to help at risk students earn their GED and earn college credits toward an Associates Degree. This year several students graduated with their high school diploma and their Associates Degree from St. Louis Community College at the same time.

photo credit: Ezra Hightower, Forum Newspaper staff

Journalist and author, Toriano Porter, offered words of encouragement as the graduation celebration's guest speaker. Porter, a St. Louis native, discussed the importance of preparing for greatness and working hard to achieve success. 

The Gateway to College program originally came to the STLCC as a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Since 2008, GTC has graduated numerous students from surrounding school districts who may not have finished high school, let alone earned a college degree. For more information about this program please contact James Gillespie at 314-513-4160 or